The Decision Intelligence Handbook

The Decision Intelligence Handbook


Decision intelligence (DI) has been widely named as a top technology trend for several years, and Gartner reports that more than a third of large organizations are adopting it. Some even say that DI is the next step in the evolution of AI. Many software vendors offer DI solutions today, as they help organizations implement their evidence-based or data-driven decision strategies.

But until now, there has been little practical guidance for organizations to formalize decision making and integrate their decisions with data.

With this book, authors L. Y. Pratt and N. E. Malcolm fill this gap. They present a step-by-step method for integrating technology into decisions that bridge from actions to desired outcomes, with a focus on systems that act in an advisory, human-in-the-loop capacity to decision makers.

This handbook addresses three widespread data-driven decision-making problems:

  • How can decision makers use data and technology to ensure desired outcomes?
  • How can technology teams communicate effectively with decision makers to maximize the return on their data and technology investments?
  • How can organizational decision makers assess and improve their decisions over time?


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