Rust Servers, Services, and Apps

Rust Servers, Services, and Apps


Deliver fast, reliable, and maintainable applications by building backend servers, services, and frontends all in nothing but Rust.

In Rust Servers, Services, and Apps, you’ll learn:

  • Developing database-backed web services in Rust
  • Building and securing RESTful APIs
  • Writing server-side web applications in Rust
  • Measuring and benchmarking web service performance
  • Packaging and deploying web services
  • Full-stack Rust applications

The blazingly fast, safe, and efficient Rust language has been voted “most loved” for multiple consecutive years on the StackOverflow survey. Rust Server, Services, and Apps shows you why! Inside, you’ll build web servers, RESTful services, server-rendered apps, and client frontends just using Rust. You’ll learn to write code with small and predictable resource footprints, and build high-performing applications with unmatched safety and reliability.

about the technology

Build speedy, stable, and safe web servers in Rust! With a unique approach to memory management and concurrency, Rust excels at getting the low-level details right so your applications run fast and flawlessly. And Rust’s incredible compiler helps you avoid expensive mistakes when you’re deploying web services and other core components in production.

about the book

Rust Servers, Services, and Apps shows you how to create modern distributed web apps using the Rust language. You’ll start with the basics: building a simple HTTP server and a RESTful web service. Then, you’ll make them production ready by adding security, database interactivity, and error handling. Finally, you’ll tackle a digital storefront service, create a single page app, and dig into asynchronous programming. All examples are fully illustrated and include annotated code you can easily adapt to your own projects.

what’s inside

  • Craft resilient and secure RESTful APIs
  • Package and deploy web services
  • Refactor fearlessly thanks to Rust’s guaranteed safety
  • Slash costs with Rust’s runtime and compile-time optimizations
  • Asynchronous programming with Rust

about the reader

For web developers who know the basics of Rust.

about the author

Prabhu Eshwarla is the CTO of a startup building a layer-1 blockchain using Rust. Previously, he held engineering and leadership roles at Hewlett Packard.


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