Learning Snowflake SQL and Scripting

Learning Snowflake SQL and Scripting


To help you on the path to becoming a Snowflake pro, this concise yet comprehensive guide reviews fundamentals and best practices for Snowflake’s SQL and Scripting languages. Developers and data professionals will learn how to generate, modify, and query data in the Snowflake relational database management system as well as how to apply analytic functions for reporting.

Author Alan Beaulieu also shows you how to create scripts, stored functions, and stored procedures to return data sets using Snowflake Scripting. This book is ideal whether you’re new to databases and need to run queries or reports against a Snowflake database, or transitioning from databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, or MySQL to cloud-based platforms.

With this book, you will:

  • Generate and modify Snowflake data using INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE
  • Query data in Snowflake using SELECT, including joining multiple tables, using subqueries, and grouping
  • Apply analytic functions for performing subtotals, grand totals, row comparisons, and other reporting functionality
  • Build scripts combining SQL statements with looping, if-then-else, and exception handling
  • Learn how to build stored procedures and functions
  • Use stored procedures to return data sets


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