Practical Salesforce Architecture

Practical Salesforce Architecture


Once renowned as a customer relationship management tool, Salesforce has evolved into a cloud-first application and capability ecosystem. With dedicated components for tasks such as middleware, big data, reporting, ETL, data loading, and API orchestration, Salesforce has become more prevalent in modern architectures.

This concise yet comprehensive guide provides an overview of Salesforce architecture for enterprise architects and Salesforce ecosystem architects. Author Paul McCollum, Salesforce Technical Architect at Accenture, provides a roadmap for integrating major elements of the Salesforce ecosystem with planned or existing enterprise architecture. You’ll learn how to use these components to address the diverse needs of different organizations.

Many companies today are adding or building multicloud capabilities and incorporating various elements from the Salesforce ecosystem. With this book, you’ll learn:

  • Strengths, weaknesses, and growth areas of Salesforce’s enterprise architecture domain features
  • How Salesforce compares to other cloud providers
  • Methods for using the Salesforce ecosystem effectively to address your organization’s needs
  • How to integrate Salesforce with planned or existing enterprise architectures
  • Ways to manage and forecast performance, complexity, and ease of operation across the Salesforce platform


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