Architecting IoT Solutions on Azure

Architecting IoT Solutions on Azure


How can you make sense of the complex IoT landscape? With dozens of components ranging from devices to metadata about the devices, it’s easy to get lost among the possibilities. But it’s not impossible if you have the right guide to help you navigate all the complexities. This practical book shows developers, architects, and IT managers how to build IoT solutions on Azure.

Author Blaize Stewart presents a comprehensive view of the IoT landscape. You’ll learn about devices, device management at scale, and the tools Azure provides for building globally distributed systems. You’ll also explore ways to organize data by choosing the appropriate dataflow and data storage technologies. The final chapters examine data consumption and solutions for delivering data to consumers with Azure.

Get the architectural guidance you need to create holistic solutions with devices, data, and everything in between. This book helps you:

  • Meet the demands of an IoT solution with Azure-provided functionality
  • Use Azure to create complete scalable and secure IoT systems
  • Understand how to articulate IoT architecture and solutions
  • Guide conversations around common problems that IoT applications solve
  • Select the appropriate technologies in the Azure space to build IoT applications


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