Machine Learning Q and AI

Machine Learning Q and AI
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If you’re ready to venture beyond introductory concepts and dig deeper into machine learning, deep learning, and AI, the question-and-answer format of Machine Learning Q and AI will make things fast and easy for you, without a lot of mucking about.

Born out of questions often fielded by author Sebastian Raschka, the direct, no-nonsense approach of this book makes advanced topics more accessible and genuinely engaging. Each brief, self-contained chapter journeys through a fundamental question in AI, unraveling it with clear explanations, diagrams, and hands-on exercises.


FOCUSED CHAPTERS: Key questions in AI are answered concisely, and complex ideas are broken down into easily digestible parts.
WIDE RANGE OF TOPICS: Raschka covers topics ranging from neural network architectures and model evaluation to computer vision and natural language processing.
PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS: Learn techniques for enhancing model performance, fine-tuning large models, and more.

You’ll also explore how to:
• Manage the various sources of randomness in neural network training
• Differentiate between encoder and decoder architectures in large language models
• Reduce overfitting through data and model modifications
• Construct confidence intervals for classifiers and optimize models with limited labeled data
• Choose between different multi-GPU training paradigms and different types of generative AI models
• Understand performance metrics for natural language processing
• Make sense of the inductive biases in vision transformers

If you’ve been on the hunt for the perfect resource to elevate your understanding of machine learning, Machine Learning Q and AI will make it easy for you to painlessly advance your knowledge beyond the basics.


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