Serverless as a Game Changer

Serverless as a Game Changer


Leverage the “serverless mindset” to build and deploy software faster, better, and with less expense.

In this definitive guide, Joseph Emison shows how to leverage “serverless” for maximum customer value. He reveals why mindset is crucial to modern IT strategy and explains why and how to move toward a truly serverless mindset.

Many organizations are falling short when it comes to leveraging the cloud. Drawing on his experience as a pioneering CTO across multiple industries, Emison shows why and how you can gain immense business value from the cloud. While many serverless adopters focus on converting and building apps on serverless compute platforms like AWS Lambda, Emison offers better ways to think about your tech stack, optimize build-or-buy decisions, choose the right vendor for each commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) or open-source solution, and draw on the industry’s best managed services.

To help you develop a serverless mindset, Emison includes a case study demonstrating a real-world enterprise transition to serverless. The author also provides an exclusive directory of current managed services with focused descriptions and concise explanations of each service and its role in modern application architecture. Many of these services are unfamiliar to enterprise architects, but they are enterprise tested and can radically simplify any serverless transition.

  • Evolve your tech stack and mindset to gain the full benefits of the cloud
  • Deliver software faster, better, and at lower cost with serverless
  • Use serverless architectures and managed services to offload tasks that don’t add value
  • Follow a real-world case study taking you from where you are to where you want to be
  • Explore an exclusive managed services directory to find resources to streamline your serverless transition

Transform your mindset and organization by leveraging serverless architecture to change the game and win it.


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