iOS 6 By Tutorials: Volume 1 + 2

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iOS 6 introduces a ton of great new APIs and technologies that all iOS developers should learn – from Auto Layout to Collection Views to Passbook and more. In fact, there’s so much new stuff that learning it all via the official API docs can be time consuming and difficult – especially when you’re trying to do a job at the same time!

This is where iOS 6 by Tutorials comes to the rescue! In this book, you will be able to learn these new topics in a much quicker and easier way – by following fun and easy-to-read tutorials!

This book is for intermediate or advanced iOS developers, who already know the basics of iOS development but want to upgrade their skills to iOS 6.

iOS 6 by Tutorials Volume 1 covers the following APIs:

  • Modern Objective-C: Learn how the new syntax can make your code cleaner and easier to read.
  • Auto Layout: Learn how to make your views easier to localize and more adaptable to different sizes.
  • UICollectionView: Learn how to easily display your data in a grid or your own custom layouts!
  • Passbook: Learn how to create your own passes on your own server and modify them at runtime!
  • In-App Purchases: Learn how to make a completely dynamic server-based In-App Purchasing system!

iOS 6 by Tutorials Volume 2 covers the following APIs:

  • Social Framework: Learn how to share data to social frameworks and access the Facebook API!
  • Challenges with GameKit: Learn how to send challenges to friends in your game!
  • Attributed Strings: Learn how to fully customize the look of your text with attributed strings!
  • State Preservation and Restoration: Learn how to make your app pick up where it left off.
  • What’s new with Cocoa Touch: Learn about viewDidUnload deprecation, autorotation mods, and more.
  • What’s New with Storyboards: Learn about segue unwinding, view controller containment, and more.
  • What’s New with UI Customization: Learn about the new UI customization options in iOS 6!
  • What’s New with MapKit: Learn about MapKit changes and improved Maps integration.
  • What’s New with EventKit: Learn about the new ability to view and edit reminders programmatically.
  • What’s New with Core Image: Learn about the new iOS 6 filters and video filtering!
  • Bonus: Automated Testing: Learn how to configure automated unit and UI testing in your app!
  • Bonus: Accessibility: Learn how to make your iOS apps accessible to those with disabilities.
  • Bonus: Secrets of Info.plist: Learn everything you ever wanted to know about Info.plist!


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