The iOS Apprentice: 2nd Edition



Fully updated for iOS 7!

Learn iPhone and iPad Programming via Tutorials!

If you’re new to iOS and Objective-C, or to programming in general, learning how to write an app can seem incredibly overwhelming.

That’s why you need a book that:

  • Shows you how to write an app step-by-step
  • Has tons of illustrations and screenshots to make everything clear
  • Is written in a fun and easygoing manner!

In this book, you will learn how to make your own iPhone and iPad apps, through a series of four epic-length hands-on tutorials.

Everybody likes games, so you’ll start with building a simple but fun iPhone game named Bull’s Eye. It will teach you the basics of iPhone programming, and the other tutorials will build on what you learn there.

Each tutorial in this book describes a new app in full detail, and together they cover everything you need to know to make your own apps. By the end of the series you’ll be experienced enough to turn your ideas into real apps that you can sell on the App Store!

Tutorial 1: Bull’s Eye. In the first tutorial in the series, you’ll start off by building a complete game from scratch called “Bull’s Eye”. In the process, you’ll learn how to use Xcode, Interface Builder, and Objective-C in an easygoing manner.

Tutorial 2: Checklists. In the second tutorial in the series, you’ll create your own to-do list app. In the process, you’ll learn about the fundamental design patterns that all iOS apps use and about table views, navigation controllers and delegates. Now you’re making apps for real!

Tutorial 3: MyLocations. In the third tutorial in the series, you’ll develop a location-aware app that lets you keep a list of spots that you find interesting. In the process, you’ll learn about Core Location, Core Data, Map Kit, and much more!

Tutorial 4: StoreSearch. Mobile apps often need to talk to web services and that’s what we’ll do in this final tutorial of the series. We’ll make a stylish app that lets you search for products on the iTunes store using HTTP requests and JSON.

It is my sincere belief that this series can turn you from a complete newbie into an accomplished iOS developer, but you do have to put in the time and effort. By writing this book I’ve done my part, now it’s up to you…


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