Design Sprint, Early Release Edition



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In the world of digital products, the future is difficult to predict and success requires reducing the risk of failure. The book codifies and captures a common language and process for design sprints, making them accessible to anyone, and enabling businesses and teams to build products that are successful.

The design sprint is the first and often the most significant phase of a design thinking process. It gets the entire product design and development team on the same page, reduces the risk of downstream mistakes, and helps validate customer and user interest in a proposed product idea. Written in a collegial, down-to-earth style with a pragmatic bend, this is the first book that specifically focuses on the design sprint methodology.

  • Get an eye-opening approach to the product design process that results in better, faster outcomes
  • Learn the design sprint process from start to finish, including essential tools, tips, and best practices
  • Explore interviews and cases on design sprints from professionals across the design industry


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