Writing APIs with Lumen



Want to learn how to write fully-tested REST APIs and microservices with PHP? I will walk you through developing an API and teach you how to test your code along the way.

In this book you will learn how to use Lumen—a micro-framework by Laravel—to write bullet-proof APIs. Lumen helps you write productive, maintainable APIs using modern application design.

This book is suitable for PHP developers with no Laravel experience. Only a basic understanding of HTTP and writing PHP applications is needed to get started.

What’s Inside the Book?

You will learn how to write fully-tested APIs and understand essential Lumen concepts used to build a solid foundation for writing API projects. You will also learn:

  • To Maintain your API’s database structure through built-in database migrations
  • Writing Tests with factory data in a test database
  • Responding with Consistent data output in JSON
  • How to respond to PHP Exceptions with JSON Responses
  • How to Create, Read, Update, and Delete REST Resources
  • How to represent model associations in API responses
  • A solid foundation for writing tests with PHPUnit and Mockery
  • Data Validation
  • This book is not only teaching you Lumen, it will walk you through how to use TDD to write applications and mock objects. This book is basically two books in one, in an easy-to-follow tutorial format.


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