Spark GraphX in Action



About the technology

GraphX is a powerful graph processing API for the Apache Spark analytics engine that lets you draw insights from large datasets. GraphX gives you unprecedented speed and capacity for running massively parallel and machine learning algorithms.

About the book

Spark GraphX in Action begins with the big picture of what graphs can be used for. This example-based tutorial teaches you how to use GraphX interactively. You’ll start with a crystal-clear introduction to building big data graphs from regular data, and then explore the problems and possibilities of implementing graph algorithms and architecting graph processing pipelines. Along the way, you’ll collect practical techniques for enhancing applications and applying machine learning algorithms to graph data.

What’s inside

  • Understanding graph technology
  • Using the GraphX API
  • Developing algorithms for big graphs
  • Machine learning with graphs
  • Graph visualization

About the reader

Readers should be comfortable writing code. Experience with Apache Spark and Scala is not required.

About the authors

Michael Malak has worked on Spark applications for Fortune 500 companies since early 2013. Robin East has worked as a consultant to large organizations for over 15 years and is a data scientist at Worldpay.


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