Mesos in Action



About the technology

Modern datacenters are complex environments, and when you throw Docker and other container-based systems into the mix, there’s a great need to simplify. Mesos is an open source cluster management platform that transforms the whole datacenter into a single pool of compute, memory, and storage resources that you can allocate, automate, and scale as if you’re working with a single supercomputer.

About the book

Mesos in Action introduces readers to the Apache Mesos cluster manager and the concept of application-centric infrastructure. Filled with helpful figures and hands-on instructions, this book guides you from your first steps creating a highly-available Mesos cluster through deploying applications in production and writing native Mesos frameworks. You’ll learn how to scale to thousands of nodes, while providing resource isolation between processes using Linux and Docker containers. You’ll also learn practical techniques for deploying applications using popular key frameworks.

What’s inside

  • Spinning up your first Mesos cluster
  • Scheduling, resource administration, and logging
  • Deploying containerized applications with Marathon, Chronos, and Aurora
  • Writing Mesos frameworks using Python

About the reader

Readers need to be familiar with the core ideas of datacenter administration and need a basic knowledge of Python or a similar programming language.

About the author

Roger Ignazio is an experienced systems engineer with a focus on distributed, fault-tolerant, and scalable infrastructure. He is currently a technical lead at Mesosphere.


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