Java 9 Concurrency Cookbook, 2nd Edition

Java 9 Concurrency Cookbook - Second Edition


Book Description

Writing concurrent and parallel programming applications is an integral skill for any Java programmer. Java 9 comes with a host of fantastic features, including significant performance improvements and new APIs.

This book will take you through all the new APIs, showing you how to build parallel and multi-threaded applications. The book covers all the elements of the Java Concurrency API, with essential recipes that will help you take advantage of the exciting new capabilities.

You will learn how to use parallel and reactive streams to process massive data sets. Next, you will move on to create streams and use all their intermediate and terminal operations to process big collections of data in a parallel and functional way.

Further, you’ll discover a whole range of recipes for almost everything, such as thread management, synchronization, executors, parallel and reactive streams, and many more. At the end of the book, you will learn how to obtain information about the status of some of the most useful components of the Java Concurrency API and how to test concurrent applications using different tools.

What You Will Learn

  • Find out to manage the basic components of the Java Concurrency API
  • Use synchronization mechanisms to avoid data race conditions and other problems of concurrent applications
  • Separate the thread management from the rest of the application with the Executor framework
  • Solve problems using a parallelized version of the divide and conquer paradigm with the Fork / Join framework
  • Process massive data sets in an optimized way using streams and reactive streams
  • See which data structures we can use in concurrent applications and how to use them
  • Practice efficient techniques to test concurrent applications
  • Get to know tips and tricks to design concurrent applications


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