AI as a Service

AI as a Service
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Companies everywhere are moving everyday business processes over to the cloud, and AI is increasingly being given the reins in these tasks. As this massive digital transformation continues, the combination of serverless computing and AI promises to become the de facto standard for business-to-consumer platform development—and developers who can design, develop, implement, and maintain these systems will be in high demand! AI as a Service is a practical handbook to building and implementing serverless AI applications, without bogging you down with a lot of theory. Instead, you’ll find easy-to-digest instruction and two complete hands-on serverless AI builds in this must-have guide!

about the technology

Cloud-based AI services can automate a variety of labor intensive business tasks in areas such as customer service, data analysis, and financial reporting. The secret is taking advantage of pre-built tools like Amazon Rekognition for image analysis or AWS Comprehend for natural language processing. That way, there’s no need to build expensive custom software. Artificial Intelligence (AI), a machine’s ability to learn and make predictions based on patterns it identifies, is already being leveraged by businesses around the world in areas like targeted product recommendations, financial forecasting and resource planning, customer service chatbots, healthcare diagnostics, data security, and more.

With the exciting combination of serverless computing and AI, software developers now have enormous power to improve their businesses’ existing systems and rapidly deploy new AI-enabled platforms. And to get on this fast-moving train, you don’t have to invest loads of time and effort in becoming a data scientist or AI expert, thanks to cloud platforms and the readily available off-the-shelf cloud-based AI services!

about the book

AI as a Service is a fast-paced guide to harnessing the power of cloud-based solutions. You’ll learn to build real-world apps—such as chatbots and text-to-speech services—by stitching together cloud components. Work your way from small projects to large data-intensive applications.

what’s inside

  • Apply cloud AI services to existing platforms
  • Design and build scalable data pipelines
  • Debug and troubleshoot AI services
  • Start fast with serverless templates

about the reader

For software developers familiar with cloud basics.

about the authors

Peter Elger and Eóin Shanaghy are founders and CEO/CTO of fourTheorem, a software solutions company providing expertise on architecture, DevOps, and machine learning.


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