Svelte and Sapper in Action

Svelte and Sapper in Action
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Imagine web apps with fast browser load times that also offer amazing developer productivity and require less code to create. That’s what Svelte and Sapper deliver! Svelte pushes a lot of the work a frontend framework would handle to the compile step, so your app components come out as tight, well-organized JavaScript modules. Sapper is a lightweight web framework that minimizes application size through server-rendering front pages and only loading the JavaScript you need. The end result is more efficient apps with great UX and simplified state management.

about the technology

Many web frameworks load hundreds of “just-in-case” code lines that clutter and slow your apps. Svelte, an innovative, developer-friendly tool, instead compiles applications to very small bundles for lightning-fast load times that do more with less code. Pairing Svelte with the Sapper framework adds features for flexible and simple page routing, server-side rendering, static site development, and more.

about the book

Svelte and Sapper in Action teaches you to design and build fast, elegant web applications. You’ll start immediately by creating an engaging Travel Packing app as you learn to create Svelte components and develop great UX. You’ll master Svelte’s unique state management model, use Sapper for simplified page routing, and take on modern best practices like code splitting, offline support, and server-rendered views.

what’s inside

  • Creating Svelte components
  • Using stores for shared data
  • Configuring page routing
  • Debugging, testing, and deploying Svelte apps
  • Using Sapper for dynamic and static sites

about the reader

For web developers familiar with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

about the author

Mark Volkmann is a partner at Object Computing, where he has provided software consulting and training since 1996.


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