Advanced iOS App Architecture, 3rd Edition

Advanced iOS App Architecture, 3rd Edition
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Up to date for iOS 13, Xcode 11 & Swift 5.2

This book takes a deep dive into modern iOS app architecture and shows you how to design clean and maintainable real-world apps.

Implement Modern Clean Architectures in Your iOS Apps!

Apps are becoming more complex, and development teams are being pressured to deliver faster results in the face of constantly changing requirements. Now, more than ever, you need to understand and apply good software architecture practices in your projects.

Advanced iOS App Architecture thoroughly explains multiple modern iOS architectures, and demonstrates their usage in real-world apps.

The first half of the book introduces you to different aspects of iOS app architectures. We recommend reading these chapters before diving into any of the specific architecture chapters to get a good handle on the concepts involved.

The second half of the book explores multiple architectures, one per chapter. Each architecture chapter begins with a little history, followed by a detailed theory walkthrough. The remainder of each architecture chapter focuses on applying the theory to iOS app development.

Each architecture chapter concludes by covering the pros and cons of that architecture. You can read this section in order — or jump straight to the architecture that interests you. It’s your choice!

This book is for iOS developers who build apps using Swift. The material in this book assumes familiarity with design patterns and with basic architectures — such as MVC — and basic architecture concepts, such as inversion of control.

Who is this book for

This book is for intermediate iOS developers who already know the basics of iOS and are looking to build apps using defined architectures, making apps cleaner and easier to maintain.

Concepts covered in this book

  • Navigating Architecture Topics
  • Managing Dependencies
  • MVVM Architecture
  • Redux Architecture
  • Elements Architecture
  • SwiftUI

Version history

Third Edition · iOS 13, Swift 5.2, Xcode 11
v3.0 · Sep 1 2020 · René Cacheaux & Josh Berlin


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