Advanced Git

Advanced Git
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Up to date for Git 2.28

Master Git!

Chances are if you’re involved with software development you’ve heard of and have used Git at some point in your life. Version control systems are critical for any successful collaborative software project. Git is both simple to start using and accommodating for the most complex tasks with version control. Even seasoned Git users hit roadblocks on how to handle common situations.

Advanced Git is here to help! This book is the easiest and fastest way to get hands-on experience with using Git for version control of your projects.

Take a deep dive into:

  • How Git actually works: After using Git for a while it’s good to discover the whys behind all of the things.
  • Rebasing: Rebasing and squashing doesn’t have to be scary; it’s quite a useful and advanced way of merging code to support your collaborative workflow.
  • Undoing what you’ve done: Most frustration with Git comes from not being able to undo something that you’ve screwed up. But Git has lots of ways you can go back and recover from a weird merge or commit state.
  • Workflows in Git: Working with Git requires some rules to make sure things go smoothly across development teams. Learn the most common workflows and how to decide which one to use.
  • And more!

One thing you can count on: after reading this book, you’ll be well-prepared to use Git in your own software development workflow!

Who is this book for

This book is for anyone who would like to leverage the power of version control with Git in their software development process.

Concepts covered in this book

  • How Git actually works
  • Rebasing
  • Workflows in Git


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