Own Your Tech Career

Own Your Tech Career
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Own Your Tech Career: Soft skills for technologists is a guide to taking control of your professional life. It teaches you to approach your career with planning and purpose, always making active decisions towards your goals.

In Own Your Tech Career: Soft skills for technologists, you will:

  • Define what “success” means for your career
  • Discover personal branding and career maintenance
  • Prepare for and conduct a tech job hunt
  • Spot speed bumps and barriers that can derail your progress
  • Learn how to navigate the rules of the business world
  • Perform market analysis to keep your tech skills fresh and relevant

Whatever your road to success, you’ll benefit from the toolbox of career-boosting techniques you’ll find in Own Your Tech Career: Soft skills for technologists. You’ll discover in-demand communication and teamwork skills, essential rules for professionalism, tactics of the modern job hunt, and more.

about the technology

A successful technology career demands more than just technical ability. Achieving your goals requires clear communication, top-notch time management, and a knack for navigating business needs. Master the “soft skills,” and you’ll have a smoother path to success and satisfaction, however you define that for yourself.

about the book

Own Your Tech Career: Soft skills for technologists helps you get what you want out of your technology career. You’ll start by defining your ambition—whether that’s a salary, a job title, a flexible schedule, or something else. Once you know where you’re going, this book’s adaptable advice guides your journey. You’ll learn conflict resolution and teamwork, master nine rules of professionalism, and build the confidence and skill you need to stay on the path you’ve set for yourself.

what’s inside

  • Personal branding and career maintenance
  • Barriers that derail progress
  • The rules of the business world
  • Market analysis to keep tech skills fresh

about the reader

For tech professionals who want to take control of their career.

about the author

Microsoft MVP Don Jones brings his years of experience as a successful IT trainer to this engaging guide.


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