Cybersecurity for Small Networks

Cybersecurity for Small Networks
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This book is a straightforward series of projects that will teach you how to secure different facets of household or small-business networks from cyber attacks. Through guided, hands-on exercises, you’ll quickly progress through several levels of security—from building a defensible network architecture to protecting your network from adversaries and monitoring for suspicious activity.

The first section will teach you how to segment a network into protected zones, set up a firewall, and mitigate wireless network security risks. Then, you’ll configure a VPN (virtual private network) to hide and encrypt network traffic and communications, set up proxies to speed up network performance and hide the source of traffic, and configure an antivirus. From there, you’ll implement back-up storage strategies, monitor and capture network activity using a variety of open-source tools, and learn tips to efficiently manage your security. By the end of this book, you’ll be armed with the skills necessary to effectively secure your small network with whatever resources you have available.

Author Bio

Seth Enoka has over a decade of experience in IT and cybersecurity, having worked on large and complex security incidents and investigations. He has helped large multinational organizations, government agencies, law enforcement, and local businesses to detect, investigate, and remediate cyber incidents and eradicate adversaries from their networks. Enoka is a leader in performing DFIR at scale with geographically diverse teams and systems, as well as building accredited labs and teams to hunt advanced adversaries and activity groups.


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