Let’s Go, 2nd Edition



Go is a great language for building web applications. But teaching yourself from blog posts and the standard library documentation can be a big time-sink and leave you with more questions than answers.

You might be wondering things like:

  • Where can I see a concrete example of a real-world web application?
  • How is it best to structure and organize my code?
  • How do I manage and version control dependencies?
  • And how do I effectively test my web application?

Let’s Go answers these questions for you — and a whole lot more — helping you get up to speed quickly and saving you months of research and experimentation.

The book walks through the start-to-finish build of a complete working application, helping you to learn by doing. You’ll get practical experience implementing common real-life code patterns, the topics that you’re learning about are put in context, and you’ll end up with a well-structured codebase that you can adapt for your own future work.

By the end of the book, you’ll have all the knowledge and confidence that you need to build your own professional, production ready, web applications.


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