Azure Security

Azure Security


Secure your Azure applications the right way. The expert DevSecOps techniques you’ll learn in this essential handbook make it easy to keep your data safe.

As a Program Manager at Microsoft, Bojan Magusic has helped numerous Fortune 500 companies improve their security posture in Azure. Now, in Azure Security he brings his experience from the cyber security frontline to ensure your Azure cloud-based systems are safe and secure.

In Azure Security you’ll learn vital security skills, including how to:

  • Set up secure access through Conditional Access policiesImplement Azure WAF on Application Gateway and Front Door
  • Deploy Azure Firewall Premium for monitoring network activities
  • Enable Microsoft Defender for Cloud to assess workload configurations
  • Utilize Microsoft Sentinel for threat detection and analytics
  • Establish Azure Policy for compliance with business rules

Correctly set up out-of-the-box Azure services to protect your web apps against both common and sophisticated threats, learn to continuously assess your systems for vulnerabilities, and discover cutting-edge operations for security hygiene, monitoring, and DevSecOps. Each stage is made clear and easy to follow with step-by-step instructions, complemented by helpful screenshots and diagrams.

about the technology

Securing cloud-hosted applications requires a mix of tools, techniques, and platform-specific services. The Azure platform provides built-in security tools to keep your systems safe, but proper implementation requires a foundational strategy and tactical guidance.

about the book

Azure Security details best practices for configuring and deploying Azure’s native security services—from a zero-trust foundation to defense in depth (DiD). Learn from a Microsoft security insider how to establish a DevSecOps program using Microsoft Defender for Cloud. Realistic scenarios and hands-on examples help demystify tricky security concepts, while clever exercises help reinforce what you’ve learned.

what’s inside

  • Set up secure access policies
  • Implement a Web Application Firewall
  • Deploy MS Sentinel for monitoring and threat detection
  • Establish compliance with business rules

about the reader

For software and security engineers building and securing Azure applications.

about the author

Bojan Magusic is a Product Manager with Microsoft on the Security Customer Experience Engineering Team.


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