Becoming SRE

Becoming SRE


Do you wish the existing books on site reliability engineering started at the beginning? Do you wish someone would walk you through how to become an SRE, how to think like an SRE, or how to build and grow a successful SRE function in your organization?

Becoming SRE addresses all of these needs and more with three interconnected sections: the essential groundwork for understanding SRE and SRE culture, advice for individuals on becoming an SRE, and guidance for organizations on creating and developing a thriving SRE practice.

Acting as your personal and personable guide, author David Blank-Edelman takes you through subjects like:

  • SRE mindset, SRE culture, and SRE advocacy
  • What you need to get started and hired in SRE and what the job will be like when you get there
  • What you need to bring SRE into an organization and what is required for a good organizational fit so it can thrive there
  • How to work with your business folks and management around SRE
  • How SRE can grow and mature in an organization over time

Ready to become an SRE or introduce SRE into your organization? This book is here to help.


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