Unifying Business, Data, and Code

Unifying Business, Data, and Code


In the modern symphony of business, each section-from the technical to the managerial-must play in harmony. Authors Ron Itelman and Juan Cruz Viotti introduce a bold methodology to synchronize your business and technical teams, transforming them into a single, high-performing unit.

Misalignment between business and technical teams halts innovation. You’ll learn how to transcend the root causes of project failure-the ambiguity, knowledge gaps, and blind spots that lead to wasted efforts.

The unifying methodology in this book will teach you these alignment tools and more:

  • The four facets of data products: A simple blueprint that encapsulates data and business logic helps eliminate the most common causes of wasted time and misunderstanding
  • The concept compass: An easy way to identify the biggest sources of misalignment
  • Success spectrums: Define the required knowledge and road map your team needs to achieve success
  • JSON Schema: Leverage JSON and JSON Schema to technically implement the strategy at scale, including extending JSON Schema with custom keywords, understanding JSON Schema annotations, and hosting your own schema registry
  • Data hygiene: Learn how to design high-quality datasets aligned with creating real business value, and protect your organization from the most common sources of pain


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